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  • The Linick Group, Inc. embraces the ideal that all clients are not created equal. They are much more important than that! Guaranteed satisfaction and friendly, personalized service are the benchmarks that define our mission and philosophy. In short, the client is our friend and we are in business to make certain that all client/friends' expectations are not simply met but exceeded, greatly!
  • Press releases are available from a wide variety of sources. They provide an excellent source for quality content and they can be edited to meet your particular requirements.
  • MIDDLE ISLAND, NY -- The Direct Response Advertising and Marketing Adviceline™ (DRAMA™), the nation’s only intensive New York based information consulting service catering to travel related businesses, is celebrating its 16th successful year in operation.
  • These FREE articles have been included for your reading enjoyment and are intended to provide both information and background data, as you shop for your creative needs here at our site.
  • Presentation given at Publishers Association of the South (PAS) 1999 Publishers Winter Conclave Jan. 22-24 New Orleans, Louisiana, Hotel St. Marie. 31 Timeless Direct Marketing Strategies by Andrew S. Linick, Ph.D.—The Copyologist® Keynote Speaker
  • An open letter to Independent Publishers . . . Self-Publishers • Authors • Small Presses • Publicists
  • Get the best freelance copy for your next Bus.-to-Bus. Copywriting Assignment
  • How to hire the best creative freelance direct response copywriters in the world …at BELOW market rates!
  • The Many Advantages of Direct Mail
  • Direct Mail Selling - Direct mail is one of the best cost effective ways in selling books, videos, cassettes, disks, CD-ROM and other information products. DM workd best to hard to reach consumers, libraries, special sales (premium or catalog sales), wholesalers, corporations, universities, and other retail outlets. This precisely targeted form of direct response marketing has many other uses and virtues. One of them is turning satisfied customers into repeat buyers. Here are 51 more.
  • Since your goal is not to make money as a speaker but to promote your product or service, you can use the group’s lack of payment for your talk as a weapon in negotiating for concessions extra things it gives you that can help maximize the promotional value of your talk for your firm.
  • It is not our intention to preach to anyone regarding anything. This small section is simply a spiritual corner that welcomes anyone needing to hear a few enlightened words. If we offend you, please accept our sincere apology.
  • Forgiveness Breaking the Chain of Hate - A grieving martial arts master climbs daily to the hilltop, searching the road below for the black belt student of ten years who has run off to squander half the family fortune.
  • Something for God to Do - I am God. Today I will be handling all of your problems.
  • "Words of Wisdom" Created especially for you, because you're so special!
  • For your convenience, the E-BOOK version of our Media Kit is available at your request.
  • Following are just a few of the products available through The Linick Group. A complete assessment of what we can offer you or your company is available by using the search capability of this site. Just type in the word or product/service that you need and the search engine will pull up where to find it.
  • The following list of links represents an overview of the services we can provide for you and your company. Look around. Enjoy your visit, and don't forget to contact us when you decide to take that most important next step--retaining someone to help expand your business.
  • The Authors Writers and Book Publishers Adviceline™ provides the industry's most sought after one-on-one Publishing & Marketing consultation. The Travel & Hospitality Advice Lines™ offer the Tourism Professional valuable, usable information that is rarely found available for the Travel Trade.
  • Helping thousands of First-Time Authors, Writers, Self-Publishers and Independent Presses successfully produce, market and sell books & information products since1968.
  • Now you can get the professional help you need to make your book project a success . . . at a cost you can afford
  • Bringing in a direct marketing/publishing consultant is like bringing in a devil's advocate," says Linick. "The Publishers Advice-by-Phone Helpline® provides access to an invaluable professional expert who knows what is and isn't working for others, someone who will ask you the right questions and give you the right answers.
  • Our Public Relations services are renowned in the marketing industry. Complete packages are available through our PR Subsidiary
  • All of your copy needs are covered by our gifted copy geniuses!
  • Your Media Planning & Placement is facilitated by our Media subsidiary Media Planners
  • Database Management
  • Book Promotion
  • Our Critique Services can help you avoid costly and embarrassing publishing mistakes. Let us give you a second opinion on your prospective new publication. Above are a few samples for your review.
  • This is a display ad that was edited and 'punched up' by our expert staff. Look at the difference, before and after our treatment of this advertisement.
  • Please visit this page frequently for new titles and new venues that will be available through our own store, also currently under construction, as well as through a list of strategic partners.
  • Ebook - What Is an E-BOOK ? Good Question. We didn't know ourselves, being entrenched in the traditional publishing world of trade books, paperbacks et al, until we read a few chapters from Stephen King's latest, "The Plant".
  • Imagine shooting photos of your favorite subject -- whether it's sports, wildlife, nature, glamour, travel, scenics, fashion, models--and then having your photos gobbled up by hungry publishers of Magazines, Newpapers, CDRom Publishers, On-Line Photo Catalogs,Newsletters, Stock Photo Agencies . . . Each of them paying you up to $500, $1000, or more per use.
  • Picture Profits Toolkits
  • Making money by making and selling photographs can be more of a snap with the help of two books.
  • Nunchaku - Karate's Deadliest Fighting Sticks - Here is what some of the top Martial Arts masters in the US are saying about Nunchaku
  • You know what a standard trade book or paperback looks like. Well, "E" is short for electronic. So we have an electronic or digital book that exists in a world of electrons, either on disk or on the hard-drive of your computer.
  • Welcome to our "E-Stacks". You will find many selections for your reading pleasure. Many are made available FREE, to our clients, customers, or visitors; while others are readable on a "pay per download basis".
  • Check our Monthly Print Newsletter for Copywriters and marketing professionals with focus on many topics of interest to those who provide creative services to the trade.
  • The Digest - The Copywriter's Best Friend and Indispensable Tool. Read it and get the knowledge to help make YOUR copy sizzle !
  • Welcome to 'The Reader's Corner". In addition to state-of-the-industry marketing services, there are also our book clubs. Book clubs have always been popular. What makes ours unique are the areas of focus.
  • The Get Rich Book Club
  • If you are a serious student of the martial arts, membership in this club is a must. Only the most erudite and exhaustive Karate Publications are chosen for distribution through our club. You can be certain that your information is screened thoroughly before being recommended to you, our members.
  • A list of Products, Services and Seminars offered by the Advertising & Marketing, Sales Promotion Book Club includes...
  • One of the most useful and informative venues that has evolved since the Internet became commercialized is the electonic newsletter.
  • New World Press - Publishing Arm of The Linick Group. Holds ownership of our Imprints.
  • Book Publishing - The Linick Group offers a full range of publishing and marketing services for authors and publishers of books, audios and videos.
  • Since 1968 we’ve worked intimately with more than 877 book and periodical publishers and distributors to develop more effective procedures, organiz-ations, and key personnel.
  • To assist you in selling your special-interest tape(s)/book(s),check off the boxes of profit areas you want us to implement.
  • In today’s business arena, it pays to make every marketing communication count. This simple two page audit is designed to help you identify your most pressing marketing communications challenges—and to find ways to solve problems, communicate with your target markets more profitably, and get better results from every dollar spent on advertising, free publicity and targeted sales promotion.
  • You must plan and execute your actions carefully for your self-publishing venture to have a good chance of success.
  • Book Publishing Outlets — Profit Opportunities for YOUR Products!
  • Our 100% Guarantee - For over 32 years we have offered our client/friends a ...
  • The Linick Group of Companies is a multi-divisional organization that provides a virtual one-stop shop for the Direct Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, and Publishing Trades' promotional and creative needs.
  • Agency Specializes in: full service advertising and marketing strategies, product/offer positioning, visionary copy ideas, dynamic layout and graphic design, deep discount media placement for first-time/veteran direct marketers, generate maximum results & immediate response mail order print ads/direct mail packages for entrepreneurs and medium to large size firms.
  • Targeted Public Relations - Our Premier PR Agency Specializes in: communications services for advertising agencies, publishers, business owners and firms needing free publicity for products and services using Measurable Response Public Relations™ on a guaranteed placement basis.
  • Here is the cost and results you can expect from letting us turn your information into "news," and send it to the Newspaper, Radio and TV Media.
  • Blitz Media-Direct What we do for you.
  • Blitz Media-Direct Radio Talk Shows - Sample Spot
  • Blitz Media-Direct is the best place to be if you have a limited budget but big expectations. We have perfected a dynamic, incredibly cost-effective approach to book promotion for the independent publisher and/or author.
  • Following is a sample of a childrens' book PR Editorial Release.
  • Below are samples of how Your Public Relations Editorial Book Release will look when it is distributed to 10,000 newspapers with a combined circulation of 137,000,000 readers!
  • Need proof that we really do produce incredible exposure and visibility for your book, product or service? Here are some results.
  • The following results are on Public Relations Releases for Products.
  • Getting National Coverage for you and your book requires Public Relations tenacity and 'sticktoitiveness'.
  • .Our New venue, The HOT PRODUCT NEWS, can dramatically increase your product's visability. Don't lose any time on this one. We are filling up spots in the first releases very quickly.
  • Agency Specializes in: digital pre-press creative services/typesetting/design and laser personalization from ads through pre-printed response mail express envelopes. Also, specialize in complete book production, graphic & creative services, copy, design...
  • Deep Discount Media Buying Services™ - Agency Specializes in: full service media buying with focus on placing print advertising in consumer publications at substantial discounts. We develop print media advertising tests and full roll-out programs for first-time/seasoned mail order and direct response advertisers in over 10,450 media outlets including magazines, newspapers, FSI’s, alternate media, radio, cable/TV, Internet— websites/search engines and newsGroups.
  • Copywriters Council of America is a professional referral organization of over 25,000 free-lance direct response advertising copywriters and communications specialists experienced in over 1,450 categories in business, consumer and industrial markets.
  • Agency Specializes in: providing list brokerage, management and consulting services to magazine, book and newsletter publishers, financial and mail order companies, bus.-to-bus. companies for 32 years.
  • Computek- Direct is a Premier Value Added Reseller (VAR) subsidiary of The Linick Group of Companies.
  • Provides maximum exposure free publicity for books, videos, products, services, organizations, inventions & ideas through integrated, targeted public relations & other marketing communications; publishing, sales promotion ...
  • Knowledge is power. The power to create. The power to position. The power to give your advertising and marketing the edge you need to win. Because of our network of contacts we can give you that power. And much more. Dynamic and sophisticated monitoring and retrieving TV commercials, radio spots and print ads.
  • We will keep you informed on the new creative efforts of your competitors, before you know about them. A standing order is customized to meet your competitive needs, so you can get what you want when you want it…at a savings of more than 15% from our on-demand standard rates.
  • We encourage you to take full advantage of us by tapping into our Commercial Alert Service. It’s quite simple.
  • Global Monitoring of Ad Creative and Expenditures - To familiarize you with what we can assist you with: Through our highly experienced network, not only can we can provide global advertising intelligence here in the U.S. but internationally as well, if required.
  • An Economical Way To Keep Your Eye On Competitive TV Advertising, or Get An Overview of Advertising Activity in Related Industries

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