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eBooks For All

So what is an E-BOOK ?  

You know what a standard trade book or paperback looks like. Well, "E" is short for electronic. So we have an electronic or digital book that exists in a world of electrons, either on disk or on the hard-drive of your computer. The advantages as far as space saving ,convenience of storage, and ease of access are enormous and obvious. Also, the ecologically-minded person should feel quite satisfied that a few less notty pines will meet the lumberman's ax this winter.

Now we are not "tree-huggers" by any stretch of imagination, having been in the tradtional, pulp devouring, publishing business for 32 years and no one can dispute the fact that traditional trade and paperback books do use up a lot of natural resouces in the form of wood pulp for paper. So this sounds like a good idea . Right ? Yes ?   ..... We couldn't agree more.

So today's true bibliophiles now have a new, more economical, ecologically sound choice-The E-BOOK!.They are available as a downloadable file right from our web site. They can be read anywhere on a lap-top or desk-top computer and don't take up an inch of shelf space. For folks that have a visual impairment, If you are running Microsoft Windows you can install accessibility options that allow you to enlarge or decrease the text on the screen to a size comfortable for you. Access the Microsoft Help function to learn about  accessibility and screen resolution.

How do you read an E-BOOK ?

E-BOOKS are available in three formats - HTML, PDF, RTF. These are the most commonly used formats for documents and are easily viewed using the appropriate software which is standard issue on most MACs and PCs in operation today.

HTML:  HTML, of course, is a file format used to display web pages.  When you view your E- Books in HTML format, you simply use your web browser. All current web browsers such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer will work. It is usually a good idea  to check which Netscape or Microsoft version you are using. Then, if you have any difficulty reading the books, you will know that the problem will be solved by simply upgrading to their latest version of the browsers.

PDF:  PDF is viewing software in a file format developed by the Adobe Corp. and requires their reader to view the file. If you already have the reader, simply follow the instruction for opening a file. The reader can be obtained FREE from Adobe ( Follow their instructions for downloading and installation.

RTF:  RTF or Rich Text Format is a form of text file that can be read by text editors such as WordPad and comes with all versions of MS Windows or word processors such as Microsoft Word or WordPerfect. The EBook is opened the same way you would open any other document. If you're unsure about how to open a file, just use the help function available in each program.

EBooks are relatively new so not all of your favorites will be immediately available. As new books come out, we will include them in our listings. If there is a title you are looking for in EBook format, please contact us here we will try to fulfill your request.

Please stop back often and peruse our growing library of electronic classics.

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