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Now you can get the professional help you need to make your book project a success . . . at a cost you can afford.The Best Way To Get Started In Mail Order Book Distribution

TRADITIONAL MAIL ORDER SELLING AND INTERNET MARKETING offers you the opportunity to run a high volume, worldwide business without a large cash investment. You can easily compete with larger companies.

All you need is a better ad or direct mail package (4-page sales letter, brochure with testimonials and moneyback guarantee, publisher's lift letter and order form). All you'll see are the sales. You'll never experience a "turn-down" like a regular salesperson.

You deal with friends who keep coming back every time you mail an offer to them. Your mail order business continues to run even when you take a few days/weeks off.

You are only limited by the quality of your advertising copy and the amount of money you are willing to invest to make a handsome profit. But take note , you can lose money testing by mail order, if you ignore the basic rules.

WHEN YOU HIRE THE BEST EXPERTISE you can afford, your chances for success are much greater than if you decide to read a few books and play expert! Would you defend yourself in court or hire a lawyer to represent you?

Mail order/Internet Marketing selling is probably the best way for you to get started in selling and distributing your book(s). You can operate an international business out of your mail box/website and eliminate all middlemen by dealing direct with the customer or merchandise buyer.

Smaller publishers are attracted to mail order/Internet Marketing selling because it is easier than getting into bookstores. They ship to wholesalers and stores, but don't spend money visiting them. In fact, there are many stories about books doing poorly in the stores. These same books sold well when properly promoted through proven mail order and tested direct marketing methods.

We are dedicated to helping first time authors, self-publishers, and writers make money on their books. We have helped hundreds of small to large publishers and authors sell thousands of books. My four best-sellers have generated over three million dollars in sales.

Here's a Few Wise Tips I've Learned Since 1968

  • Before you can sell people anything, your product/service benefits have to out weigh the price . . . or you lose the sale.

  • You must analyze your target audience—your prospective buyer—before you spend large sums in advertising and inventory.

  • If your eBook/book fails to sell, you probably don't know your market.

  • A eBook/book never sells itself. The writing of a best-seller takes up only a fraction of the total promotional/marketing effort to create a winner.

  • Without subsidiary rights sales, publishers would operate in the red!

  • Effective eBook/book promotion and marketing works best when you create winning PR and successful sales strategies to targeted audiences.

There is no easy way to achieve fame and fortune as a published author. No magic formulas. But you can take in more money than you might expect—maybe more than you ever dreamed. You can become part of an amazing industry, one that has often been called the "last frontier of fortune building".

Take the first step and click here for our 8-page  Successful Book Marketing Needs Analysis Checklist. Check off areas you may need help in doing. Mail, fax or email a copy of the entire checklist back to us for a free-estimate on the creative services you want in promoting your eBook/book/video etc.

Welcome to the stimulating and unique world of mail order publishing…direct response advertising…marketing…sales promotion and pubic relations. When you are ready to publish/mass market your eBook/book(s), hire the professionals who care about you and your hard-earned dollars.

Enjoy radiant, good health and super success,

Roger Dextor    Andrew Linick

Roger Dextor               Andrew S. Linick, Ph.D.
Creative Director               Founder/CEO

P.S. Some people hire us for just a couple of hours. Others contract us on a per project basis. Either way, expert help is available to generate more exposure--maximum sales for your eBook/book(s), videos, audio cassettes or related information product. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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