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The Greatest Freelance Talent

Exciting news for Direct Marketers, Publishers & Mail-Order Firms—

How to hire the best creative freelance direct response copywriters in the world

at BELOW market rates!

by Roger Dextor—Creative Director, Copywriter’s Council of America

I mean WAY below market rates! And that’s no exaggeration. For years, I’ve been helping top executives in the direct response field to obtain the services of the finest freelance copywriters on this planet for rates that can only be accurately described as UNBELIEVABLE! Writers who are considered recognized geniuses; The trend-setters; The most imitated performers in the business; The legends whose words fill clients’ mail boxes with gold year-after-year-after-year. I’ve also given these same executives access to a hand-picked selection of young, incredibly gifted up and coming writers who will someday be hailed as the NEW masters: Writers who only I know about.

Hi, I'm Roger Dextor and for more than 32 years I've been opening the door to discount copy and marketing services to top direct response executives. How? By quietly matching their companies with fabulous copywriters who are willing to accept reduced fees (EVEN GREATLY REDUCED FEES) in exchange for my keeping them busy between regular assignments (and a promise of never revealing that they worked for less than their well-publicized and normally "through the roof rates").

And just as the headline above promises, I’ll tell you howYOU TOO can hire the best direct response copywriters in the world at below market rates. In fact, I’m ready to not only tell you, but I’ll actually assist you in lining up this same fantastic gold-drenched talent! And I’ll do it FREE OF CHARGE (Some imitators require significant fees for this type of service). Additionally, I’ll provide you with access to any other facet of sound, professional direct response marketing help — from basic P&L planning and list selection to fulfillment and monitoring of response. All at a cost that represents a fraction of what you normally might expect to pay.

A Winning Combination That

Became The Copywriter’s Council of America

In providing this kind of opportunity, I created what was to become a win-win-win situation for clients, copywriters and myself.

Here's why:

1) Clients obtained the services of creative giants for a fraction of what they might reasonably expect to pay.

2) I earned a small agent's fee from the writers/consultants;

3) What was normally unproductive down-time for these very-gifted creative geniuses, was transformed into periods of consistent extra assignments.

This innovative arrangement eventually evolved into the famed Copywriter's Council of Amer-ica. CCA is now nationally recognized for its high standards, and rigid and uncompromising criteria for elite membership. So rigid, that CCA is the most respected and highly utilized organization of professional direct response copy talent in the world. And although we've been imitated, the total level of excellence CCA provides has never been duplicated.

In fact, this organization is so incredibly effective, I can absolutely assure you that by the time your finger lifts from the last button pushed to call us at 631-924-8555, your direct marketing creative problems will be on their way to resolution. (Actually, in mere min-utes you'll be in the first stage of being matched with a master of monumental response who will write your direct mail copy at a cost significantly below what you would expect from such a renowned strategist).

But of greater importance, your DM package, space ad, infomercial, and/or other projects will be executed at a degree of competence that is often unobtainable for the low, low fees you will now be paying.

I realize I'm making some powerful statements. But if you're at a point where success on a tight budget is an absolute must, the Copywriter's Council Of America is your inspired answer.

Believe me, if you only knew the 'dream team' writers who are available and waiting to bring your direct response to new levels of productivity, you would contact us immediately.

Even as you read this message, these brilliant big name copywriters and rising stars are ready to lift your response, boost your revenues and add a new dimension of success to your direct response marketing needs. Their skills are but a telephone call away. Want to know more? Of course you do!

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The best creative freelance talent at below market rates.


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