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Strategies to Increase Book Sales

  An open letter to Independent Publishers . . .

Self-Publishers • Authors • Small Presses • Publicists

13 Dynamic Strategies to Increase Your Book Sales

by Andrew S. Linick, Ph.D.

President and CEO


For 32 years we have been assisting publishing firms on how to:

Develop a powerful Public Relations/Marketing plan

• Capture more free publicity

• Get your books carried in lucrative special sales outlets

• Obtain and exploit reviews in prime publications

• Create promotional materials with pizzazz

Strategize to maximize your sales efforts

• Do inexpensive market testing to position your book

• Tap into newsletters and nationally syndicated columnists

Generate cash even before you have a finished product

• Get six little-known FREE listings to boost your sales

• Cultivate premium and bulk purchase opportunities

Plan effective results-oriented direct mail campaigns

• Provide hundreds of proven publicity ideas to boost your bottom line

I had two wonderful mentors when I started in this business in l968. I hope to share with you the wisdom they taught me. My mail order business grossed over $1.5 million that first year. I have had a series of marvelous mail order businesses since.

Millions of dollars of various kinds of books and merchandise were sold each subsequent year. I live quite comfortably since semi-retiring at 35.

In addition, I have been consultant to nationally known firms -- from fortune 200 to medium and small publishers that number in the hundreds.

I have perfected a simple system of selling and promoting books via mail order/direct response. It could be put into operation with a minimum of investment and personnel. And it could start showing profits within the first month after it's instituted. Did you know that —

When you test ten How-To books/directories/reports . . . and wind up with only two winners—you could make a small fortune. It's easy to spend $25,000 testing Ads and DM packages. However, we believe in spending much less—sometimes as little as $5,000 per title—to get pinpointed measurable results you can take to the bank.


When you need sound advice or a second opinion about making critical direct marketing/PR decisions, you can tap into my Advice by Phone Credit Bank®. A five-hour minimum is required in any month to activate your own private line to direct response/mail-order/publishing expertise.

I hope to provide you with successful strategies to increase your sales.

Enthusiastically yours,


Andrew S. Linick, Ph.D.
The Copyologist®                                                                                                         
America’s Grandmaster Direct Marketing Specialist™

P.S. Finding simple solutions to tough direct response marketing problems without spending a fortune ® is our registered trademark. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed! No other publishing industry expert offers this guarantee on advice by phone and in-person? To set up an appointment phone 631-924-3888 today!

About Andrew S. Linick, Ph.D. — The Copyologist®

Dr. Linick has masterminded nationwide promotional campaigns which created extensive print media, radio and television coverage, and opened channels for national book distribution via successful direct response advertising methods. In addition to being an active book publicist and public relations professional, he owns Blitz Media-Direct division of the Linick Group, Inc. and four book clubs listed in LMP in your library.


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