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Publising Services


Since 1968 we’ve worked intimately with more than 877 book and periodical publishers and distributors to develop more effective procedures, organiz-ations, and key personnel. We’re available anytime to share this experience with you through such assignments as:

Reviewing General Operations : Whether we come back every three months to help your key managers adjust budgets and procedures through regular quarterly reviews, or only once every year or so to offer our perspective on your progress, you'll find such 'booster shots' a good way to encourage follow-up by your staff.

In-House Training Seminars :  Give us your whole staff, around a conference table for two days and we'll stimulate more planning, coordination, creativity and growth than you've seen in years!

Recruiting/Screening Key People :  We'll objectively sift the resumes for the leading candidates before they even know who you are.

Leading Planning Retreats :  A couple of days away from your office with your key managers is enough time for us to help you shape concrete strategy for the year ahead.

Organizing Your Editorial Plan :  Let us dig out of your editors a sound and organized 'new product' blueprint for the next three months defining who reports what, and when.

Improving Your Author Contract : Are you giving away too much or offering too little, with the standard contract that defines your bargaining position.

Expanding Potential Author Contracts : We'll ouline a specific program that helps each of your acquisition editors enlarge your list of interested writers.

Refining Key Job Descriptions : Have your core managers accepted responsibility for the things that only they can bring to pass?

Buying Another Publishing House :  Before you commit yourself, we know how to find out how the new property will really function in the months after you buy it.

Organizing a Marketing Plan :  Dollar-by-dollar and theme-by-theme, lets lay out the next year as a budgeted scheduled of properly-timed events.

Refining Promotion Plans and Materials: It's easier than you think to convert your strategy to specific tactics that almost guarantee success.

Making Future Planning Automatic:   Let's install some simple, proven procedures that will keep your people thinking ahead every month.

Developing Budget Strategy:   Subtle manipulation of organizational dynamics through spending shifts can redirect and refine your program and operations.

Quarterly Budget Adjustments:   We can demonstrate, or lead, a review process you can use to fine-tune for profitability on a regular basis.

Production Purchasing: Disciplined procedures can reduce typsetting/printing costs without lowering quality.

Creating Job-Procedure Guides: Our technique enlists your entire staff in generating their own checklists with remarkable speed.

Selling Your Publishing House:   We can help you decide what it's worth and outline a step-by-step selling strategy.

Special Assignments:   If your problem hasn't been covered above, just tell us about it and we'll estimate what our help will cost.

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