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Publising Outlets

"Book Publishing Outlets —

Profit Opportunities for

YOUR Products!"

By Andrew S. Linick, Ph.D. —The Copyologist®

 1. Type Business Check off which areas you need representation/sales.

  • Supermarkets

  • Chains or Independent Bookstores

  • Convenience Stores

  • Chains or Independent Drugstores

  • College Bookstores

  • Travel (Port Authority) Terminals (Buses, Trains, Airports and/or Truck Stops)

  • Mass Merchandiser/Discount Stores

  • News/Magazine/Paperback Stores

  • Computer/Electronics Stores

  • Other Retail Outlets such as Gift shops at Hotels, Hospitals, Comic Book Store, etc.

  • National Distributors

  • Wholesalers/Mail-Order Resellers

  • Publishers of Magazines/Paperbacks

  • Other_________________________________

2. Job Functions

  • Owner

  • Buying Executive

  • Marketing Executive

  • Sales Manager

  • Store Management

  • General Merchandise Manager

  • Store Planner

  • Field Representative/Checkup Staff/Route Manager

  • Other___________________________________

Potential Gift Markets include: all trade/consumer newspapers, newsletters, catalogs selling travel, tourism, hospitality, entertainment books and food/travel related services, card decks reaching gift markets segmented by types of books bought via mail order, military/on base gift stores, college book stores, targeted teachers (Foreign Language, Special Ed. etc.), grandparents, relatives, busy moms, American/Foreign Diplomats, gift/premium for joining/renewing membership for all suitable Women’s associations/publications--circulation promos and so forth. Department of Education-public/high schools, special libraries, day-care Licensing Agencies for each state plus so much more.

The cost of a thing is the amount of life you must exchange for it! Best Regards —Andrew

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