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Publising Checklist



To assist you in selling your special-interest tape(s)/book(s),check off the boxes of profit areas you want us to implement.

Mail, Fax or Email this entire list today and we'll estimate a cost-effective budget.—The Copyologist¨

[ ] Announcing your new Video: We can get you listed as an author and/or publisher in Trade Directories, and publications throughout the Video/Book industry.

[ ] International Standard Book Number (ISBN)

[ ] Advanced Book Information (ABI Form). We'll help you fill out the form correctly to get your book listed in Publishers' Weekly, Library Journal, Forthcoming books, Books In Print, Subject Guide to Books In Print, and several other specialized directories. Books In Print is published annually in November and is most important.

[ ] Help you complete Form TX to copyright your V/B. The new copyright term is for life plus fifty (50) years.

[ ] Help you obtain a Library of Congress Number from Washington, D.C. Over 20,000 libraries, worldwide, subscribe to this catalogue issued several times annually in four (4) editions.

[ ] Request you be listed in Cataloging in Publication—Information for Participating Publishers. How your Video gets cataloged under "subject headings" can be just as important to small publishers as how it gets reviewed.

[ ] List your Video in The Index of International Bibliography of new publications providing subject heads to describe the contents of your book/video, author, title, date of publication, edition, paging, price, publisher, ISBN, LC card number. A listing in this major index gives your publication/video valuable publicity free of charge. Subscribers include most major libraries and Videosellers here and abroad.

[ ] FREE listing in Book Publishers of the U.S. and Canada.

[ ] FREE listing in Contemporary Authors.

[ ] List your firm in International Directory of Little Magazines and Small Presses.

[ ] Listing in Publishers International Directory.

[ ] Listing in Literary Market Place—an inclusion here will help your customers and suppliers to find you.

[ ] Help you determine what your Video is worth. Develop prices, discounts, terms, collections, and return policies. Also initial press runs, estimate sales for the first year, timing your reprint just right. Help create a universal discount schedule for mail order dealers, wholesalers, retail Video stores, college bookstores, libraries, teachers . .

[ ] Present your Discounts and Terms Sheet for inclusion in ABA's Video Buyer's Handbook.

[ ] Create a collection series of sales letters to keep accounts receivables very low.

[ ] Establish a Video Return Policy Statement.

[ ] Promoting your Video: Help you analyze carefully the kind of person who is a prospective purchaser of your Video. This is the single most important thing to consider. The keys to your promotion are targeting and timing.

[ ] Provide key contacts—people who can help move the greatest volume of Videos with the least expenditure of time and money. Wholesalers, T.V. people, and subsidiary rights buyers who are just waiting to "discover" you and your Video.

[ ] Set up an Address Code System for every brochure, ad, order blank, press release, directory listing . . . everything! This code will help assess the return on your promotional investment.

[ ] Help generate testimonials from satisfied customers and prominent people to use on the back cover of your book/video. Get permission to quote these people in a written legal release. We'll help you obtain "quotable quotes" from television personalities, legislators, doctors, journalists, and educators.

[ ] Generate publicity and invite Video reviews by writing effective and timely press releases to obtain free publicity and Video orders. We'll send news releases to magazines, newspapers, radio and T.V. stations, libraries, newsletters, internal house organs, video clubs, major home video wholesalers, sales reps, hometown papers, alumni, fraternal trade, or religious publications with which you may have a connection.

[ ] Getting reviewed in up to 19 major areas: distribute a cover letter, review sheets, photocopies ABI form, 5x7 photo, etc. Obtain copyrights, listings, and early reviews.

Remember: Video reviews sell Videos!

[ ] Obtain Pre-publication Reviews in the Video publication industries top six media. Trade publications will review your Video prior to publication so that Videostores and libraries will have the opportunity to stock it before patrons start asking for it. Pre-publication reviews are directed at the trade. Regular video reviews are aimed at the ultimate consumer/reader.

[ ] Create the review package and send it to our Video reviewer contacts. Package includes: one Video, two-sided 8-1/2 x 11 brochure, review slip, a sample review, cover sales letter—one page, postage-paid reply postcard, and 5 x 7 b/w glossy photograph with a bleed, as well as a three line selling caption under/in the photo.

[ ] Write personal sales letter to praise, thank and acknowledge all reviews from each reviewer. This is the best promotional investment you can make.

[ ] Generate radio and T.V. interviews: create an available for interview promotion package to our key contacts— program directors and producers on major network shows. One guest appearance on the "Today Show" or on "Donahue" can send the sales of a Video soaring to new records. Major media appearances and bookings can put your Video (which may have been selling only fair to middling) in the best-seller league fast. ASL's imaginative publicity on promotion has made 17 best-sellers, including two of his own.

[ ] Arrange authors tours to promote your Video out-of-own. It's a tough, grueling experience, but there is no cheaper way of reaching the non-mailorder Video buying pubic. We will arrange as many as 200 appearances on radio and T.V. shows in as many cities as you want while you visit Videostores in between.

[ ] Hook your Video up with T.V. giveaway programs for national exposure. All we do is donate one Video. These programs raise funds for charitable organizations.

[ ] Create and syndicate featured articles on yourself: to gain widespread publicity to increase your chances for a best-seller. We will arrange interviews by phone, in person, and electronic media with local papers, company owned magazines, alumni publications, Video and newspaper columnists, fraternal club officers, civic club readers, editors of magazines, newspapers, trade journals, newsletters /bulletins. All fraternity/sorority magazines, public relations directors, all kinds of special clubs and hobby groups, national and local association directors . . . .

Video promotion through magazine articles is another way we can help you gain publicity for your Video. We would spin off articles from certain exercises of your Video. You'll build your reputation faster this way while earning cash in advance sales—a tag line selling your Video will be added at the end of each article we create. Also included is a coded key number to trace each cash orders' origin. (Media Source)


[ ] Setting up lectures or readings to promote your Video. As an author, you are an "expert" on your subject. People will be anxious to hear about your work or your opinions. It's gratifying for the ego, lets you meet interesting folks, and—when done selectively—sells many Videos! If you make each talking engagement a performance, your fame will spread. Soon paid engagements will be coming your way. (Not to mention hoards of single copy video sales!)

Book/Video stores, libraries and colleges are prime candidates for sharing your message at readings. We can help you find speaking engagements at church groups, the "Y," women's clubs, professional organizations, educational institutions or senior centers, PTA's, the Chamber of Commerce, among others.

Speaking engagements will promote your Video and add to your professional portfolio. Now, in addition to being an author/producer—you are a lecturer too. Speaking fees add up quickly!

[ ] Autograph parties are a good ego trip. When successful, parties can help to make your other advertising and promotions more effective. Our experience shows the best scheduling is to tie in with a radio or T.V. appearance and some local advertising. Local Videostores can be contacted on your behalf and large numbers of news releases and invitations to VIP's around town can be sent.

[ ] Finding customers/markets for your Video. Your marketing effort is vital to the success of your Video. It may be the greatest ever produced, but if it fails to reach its intended customer, it won't sell. Money is the measure and your Video won't be successful without your Video, but it is the energy and creative selling strategy you expend now that will make your earlier effort pay off!

ASL has several proven methods for selling Videos. We can assist you in: getting your Videos into Videostores . . . reaching wholesalers and distributors . . . selling the large chain bookstores—Walden and B. Dalton-Pickwick (Dayton-Hudson) being by far the largest . . . tapping into the lucrative library market—there are 10,000 public libraries, 3,000 can be found in colleges, 12,000 are special, and there are 20,000 in high schools. Libraries spend $450 million annually for books/videos, buying 14% of those published/produced.

[ ] Going after educational sales: elementary and secondary schools, junior colleges, college after universities all have sparkling potential as large scale buyers.

[ ] Subsidiary rights sales: Can be a dramatic avenue to profit. The term subsidiary rights means additional spin-off sales, such as selling the paperback rights to your Video to a trade publisher, selling the right to produce your video in motion picture form, or for a magazine to excerpt part of your video. Here is a list of subsidiary rights we can assist you in obtaining:

  • Soft cover
  • First serial
  • Second serial radio and T.V.
  • Motion picture
  • Dramatization
  • Mechanical reproduction
  • Digest, abridgment, condensation
  • Syndication
  • Translation
  • Foreign rights
  • Commercial use of title
  • Commercial tie-ins
  • Book/videoclub
  • Anthology
  • Quotation

Subsidiary rights sales have swept many authors to national acclaim and healthy bank accounts.

[ ] Premium sales are anything but meager. If your title lends itself to the premium market, you're talking about selling 10,000 . . . 20,000 . . . 100,000 Videos at one swat. Of course, since the volume is so large, premium buyers will expect you to give them a very good discount. Even if you make less per Video, when you multiply the amount by 20,000, it adds up quickly. Plan on doing a customized promotional cover that includes the institution's name. Ideally, premium arrangements should coincide with your own printing, so your company can also benefit from the reduced prices of the larger run.

[ ] Other Bulk sale opportunities are too numerous to list here. For unusual moneymaking strategies, creative publicity vehicles, direct mail campaign know-how, and proven sound advice on how to successfully write, publish, promote and sell your own book/video, retain Dr. Andrew S. Linick, The Copyologist®—best selling author, publishing/video consultant, mail order expert, and marketing consultant to the direct response and publishing industries.

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