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Here's a partial quote from DIRECT MARKETING MAGAZINE on what
you can expect from using my Publishers’ Advice-by-Phone Helpline®.

"Bringing in a direct marketing/publishing consultant is like bringing in a devil's advocate," says Linick. "The Publishers Advice-by-Phone Helpline® provides access to an invaluable professional expert who knows what is and isn't working for others, someone who will ask you the right questions and give you the right answers.

Where else can you receive immediate cost-effective solutions to tough problems without having to spend valuable time and money on research. And you don't have to spend thousands of dollars traveling to a New York consultants' office."

To establish your Advice-by-Phone account usage, (on a month to month or as you need basis), kindly make a check out to Andrew S. Linick, Ph.D., The Copyologist® for $500 for up to a half hour of sound marketing advice. Or times the number of hours your need by $1,000. In a hurry? Overnight Fed-Ex your advance retainer check, according to the immediacy of your needs.

*Any hours unused by the month's end are credited to the following month. Or you can sign up for one month only. You are under no obligation to continue after you have used your time. To schedule a specific date and time in advance, call for an appointment. Good Luck.

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