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Picture Profits Toolkit

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A Personal Note from Author, Andrew S. Linick, Ph.D., Successful Photo Journalist and FreeLance Photographer

" The first time I tried out my new 35mm Pentax, I hit paydirt. I snapped a photo of my dog Omelette, frolicking in a waterfall - and now Omelette is on a poster and T-shirts and is slated for catalogues, jigsaw puzzles and even TV ! I could make $100,000 thanks to this photograph..... thanks to you for giving me the know-how to try."

  -- I.Sternberg , Columbia Maryland

Dear Photography Enthusiast :

Imagine shooting photos of your favorite subject -- whether it's sports, wildlife, nature, glamour, travel, scenics, fashion, models--and then having your photos gobbled up by hungry publishers of Magazines, Newpapers, CDRom Publishers, On-Line Photo Catalogs,Newsletters, Stock Photo Agencies . . . Each of them paying you up to $500, $1000, or more per use.

Our information society has created a demand for photographs and images that is absolutely staggering. Not only do 75,000 magazines , 8642 newspapers and trade magazines and 21,960 other traditional publications need photography - but now so do the countless number of CD ROM publishers, Desk Top Publishers and other electronic publishers. And the new explosion of specialty magazines, newsletters and trade magazines seems to have no end in sight.

One photo can bring up to $100,000 or more when sold multiple times to over 105,000 photo buyers. A recent trade article reported one single photograph being sold 171 times.

Your interest in photography puts you in a perfect position to increase your income substantially while doing what you love. You can now use your camera to shape the lifestyle you want. Let me explain how this is possible.

I've made thousands of dollars selling my photos over the last 30 years. In doing so I've developed a set of tools and a system to sell photographs that works like a well oiled money-making machine. Probably the most significant lesson I've learned in all this time is that the daily demand for new pictures is overhwhelming, never-ending and very, very profitable.I've also learned that you do not need any previous experience at selling photographs. And you do not have to be a professional photographer. The only thing you need is the desire to do what you love and the knowledge of how to sell your photos.

I can't provide you with the desire, of course -- that has to come from you. But I can show you how to sell your photos for very substantial amounts of money. If you'd like to make an extra $5,000, $25,000, $75,000, or more in your spare time or if you'd like to start a new career doing what you love to do and you'd like to start right now without wasting time and money learning everything the hard way -- my photo selling toolkit can be your easy step-by-step road map to success.

Here are some of the techniques you'll learn to get paid maximum profits for your pictures with you PictureProfits® ToolKit:

  • How to sell each photo 5, 10, 15 times or more - it's much easier than you think 
  • Make $25, $50, $500, even $1,000 or more for one time use of one photo. 
  • Find the biggest markets for your photographs 
  • PictureProfits® Foolproof Money-Making Formula: Tell it how much money you want to make selling photos and it tells you exactly how to do it. 
  • Electronic publishing - The NEW Photo demand explosion 
  • The 3 best markets for beginning photographers 
  • How to prepare your photos for top-dollar submission 
  • Cashing in on the new frontier - the computer and information superhighway demand for your photos. 
  • The profitable way to approach publishers 
  • 595 Best Publications for Your Photos- Newly revised listing. 
  • Three rules you must follow to get profitably published. 
  • The best way to profit from selling photo rights 
  • How and when to make money with a stock photo agency 
  • How to get worldwide distribution in one-stop 
  • Your photos as art : Sell to galleries nationwide 
  • Three Photo magazne editors tell you how you get published - 3 priceless interviews 
  • Finding unlimited cash producing subjects right in your own backyard. 
  • How to set prices for your photos and services 
  • Selling your photos to collectors for guaranteed profits 

Some people have asked me if it's wise to give my trade secrets away. The truth is the market is so huge that each publisher is looking for something completely different so there is virtually no competition between photographers. You'll be amazed at how many publications would want your photos. You could have a gold mine in photos you've already taken.You will suddenly see your photos through new eyes once you see how much cash they can bring in .

Your interest in photography offers you the chance to live the life you want. And it all starts when you learn the right way to sell your photos for maximum profits.

You CAN turn your passion into a highly profitable lifestyle. Now is the time to do what you've always dreamed about doing. Right now photographers around the world are living their dreams and so can you . . .

WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHERS who know how to sell photos spend their days hiking through fields and forest near and far snapping shot after shot of fascinating and exotic animals for profit . . .

GLAMOUR PHOTOGRAPHERS who know how to sell their photos at optimum prices shoot beautiful models all day and make big money even shooting portfolios. . .

TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY SPECIALISTS with photo sales smarts make money and travel free of charge plus get the royal treatment while seeing the world first class. . .

SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHERS who can market photos bounce from ballpark, to sports arena to tennis court, to stadium to ring side, to track side shooting the action for profit. . .

ENTERTAINMENT PHOTO SPECIALISTS with the knowledge of profitable photo sales get paid to photograph rock stars, screen stars, movie posters, promotional photos, film openings, award shows ... not to mention the backstage passes and rubbing elbows with the stars themselves . . .

With the knowledge of how to sell photos for maximum profits your hobbies and special interests can be worth a fortune to you. Think for a moment, what are your special interests? Cars, health & fitness, travel, aerobics, karate & self-defense,fishing, fashion, art, business, bowling, music, woodworking, dance, outdoors, food, cooking, gardening, plants & flowers, children, family, science, your ethnic heritage, astronomy, your hometown . . . turn your passion into a profitable lifestyle.

The PictureProfits® ToolKit shows you EXACTLY how to start selling your photographs for big profits immediately.

Here's what you get:

Vol.1 : New 8th Revised Edition PictureProfits® Maximum Profits PhotoSelling System: Everything you need to know to make and extra$5,000, $25,000, $75,000 or more selling your photos. Newly revised and up to date.

Vol.2 : 595 Best Publications for Your Photos

Vol.3 : New Photo Market - Electronic Publishers who need to buy lots of photos

Vol.4 : Photo Sales and Marketing Kit: Over 20 Letters, Forms, Contracts,

Releases, Ads, : Ready to use and proven effective profit making photo sales tools - EVERYTHING you need to start making money selling your photos immediately.

The day you receive your toolkit - you will have everything you need to increase your income and boost your lifestyle by selling your photos for maximum profits. And now here's the best part. You are guaranteed to make money with your PictureProfits® ToolKit. One photo sale can easily pay you many times a low PictureProfits® ToolKit investment cost. In fact we GUARANTEE that you will make MORE than your money back using your PictureProfits® ToolKit in less than 90 days or you will receive a complete refund (less shipping and handling) - guaranteed. You can't lose. So, start selling your photos for maximum profits. Live the lifestyle you want. You can do what you love to do and make a lot of money doing it. Use the Risk-Free Guaranteed to Please PictureProfits® ToolKit EZ ORDER FORM right now and you're on your way to your ultimate goal of total financial freedom.

To Your Good Life,

Andrew S. Linick Director, NAPS

P.S. To get your FREE Five Trade Secret Reports in one volume (retail $75.00) in addition to your PictureProfits® ToolKit place your order before June 15, 2003 and get :

1) PHOTO CONTESTS: Enter and win big money and equipment worth thousands of dollars!

2) FILM PERFORMANCE REVIEWS: Get the right film for the right job!

3) TRAVEL PHOTO SECRETS: How to travel First Class for FREE and be treated like royalty while you take the pictures of a lifetime - and get paid for it.

4) MODEL POSES: Learn how to pose your models!


Advanced Amateurs and Professionals alike will find this guide very useful.

 Here's What PictureProfits® Customers are Saying . . .

"The Profit and Action Plan Generatorx is unlike anything I've ever seen. It tells me exactly what I need to do to make the kind of money I want to make. PictureProfits® is fabulous." --- Tim Clure, Vancouver, WA

"Having the list of picture buyers, the sales letters and the step-by-step system all in one kit makes it easy." --- Bonita Davidek, Paul, ID

"What a great way to make money." --- Marie Schubkegel, Round Rock, TX

"PictureProfits® is a smart investment." --- G. Tranvaag, Partille, Sweden

"It amazed me to learn how many picture buyers there are. Your report uncovered many ideas I never would have thought of." --- Nancy Lafata, Lakehurst, NJ

"For the first time I actually have an organized SYSTEM to use to sell photographs. Before discovering your Profit and Action Plan Generator I didn't realize what I had to do to make my profit goal." --- John Keane, Waukesha, WI

"Thanks for the marketing help. I'm a photographer not an advertising executive. But now I know all I need to know to sell my photographs." --- Steve Tucker, Fresno, CA

"The price of the toolkit is almost ridiculous once you realize how much money you can make using it to sell photos." --- Frank Coleman , Chattanooga, TN

"I used to consider myself an amateur photo buff. Now I feel like a professional." --- Shirley Pratt, Battle Creek, MI

"PictureProfits® is proof that knowledge is power." --- Joe Hoover, Billings, MT

"Finally I know how to make money doing what I love. Thank You." --- Veronica Higgs, Mt. Pleasant, SC

"I have made $5,000 using your methods as described in your report ... Here's a money order to buy everything you have written. With deep gratitude." -- Bob Kaplan, Clearwater,FL

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