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Media Placement for pre-printed tabloid inserts into Regional Newspapers, Magazines, and possible measurable response PR

Many thanks for your interest in Media Planners—

one of several companies under the banner of

The Linick Group, Inc.


Our professional staff is well versed in all advertising strategies necessary to properly position your product in the marketplace. From product introduction to post-analysis, Media Planners staff will work with you to insure you maximize your potential profits.

We can provide copy testing as well as price point, format, media and geographic analysis. As your product rolls out we can provide the following on an ongoing basis.

  • Comprehensive Strategic Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Profitability Modeling
  • Media Planning and Placement

MEDIA BUYING - We Obtain the Best Prices

Our many years as publishers, publishers’ representatives, and media buying and barter companies result in the absolute lowest possible media rates.

Whatever your current media rates are, we can offer you a savings range from 25% to as much as 80% or more.

These savings are possible because we compensate the media companies at full rates, but instead of paying cash we pay in goods and services. Buying at full rates allows us to plan precise schedules with the assurance that media will run when ordered. This is not always true with our competitors who often depend on remnants and negotiated rates to obtain their low rates.

(Although remnants are one type of space available, we will only consider this for you if it fits your advertising needs and you are first made aware of the program. Remnant Space is left-over circulation created by the purchase of regional editions when the remainder of the national circulation has not been pre-purchased by other advertisers). . .

. . . To sell the "left-over" space, which becomes available at closing, it often is discounted further. Remnant circulation cannot be specifically planned for . . . availability varies both in size and geographic location with each issue of each publication. Fantastic buys, if you feel remnants would be of interest to you, advise us of your budget, target month. We will keep you informed as they become available.)

Another way we bring down the cost of media is through special exclusive programs.

  • Co-op inserts
  • Shoppers programs
  • Exclusive Rep Agreements
  • Prepayments and media inventory

These special relationships have evolved over many years enabling us to provide you with our best prices and services. Also, we provide important new and incremental business and categories to our publishers. It’s a perfect marriage. And best of all, there is no charge for our buying services and no minimum buys.

Space purchased through us is provided as if you purchased the ad directly from the publication except You Will Receive Substantial Discounts Under Our Bulk Buying Contracts.

All ads must be submitted to the appropriate publication by us for clearance to assure that the ad/insert is editorially acceptable and has not been placed in the publication prior to dealing with us.

Once an ad has cleared, you may schedule any issue and, you must provide your insertion order and artwork prior to the closing date directly to us for placement.

We will handle all aspects of ad placement for you.


Run of Press Standby Newspaper space is available and does use the entire circulation of a newspaper. You can request a specific issue and the newspaper will try to comply. However, the ad may appear any time within a four week period at the discretion of the newspaper.

This program is nationwide and includes almost all major newspapers in the larger U.S. cities. Position also may be requested, but neither day or position can be guaranteed.

The advantage to placing your ad R O P Standby in Newspapers is that you can receive up to 70% SAVINGS off the rate card.

National Newspapers are also available with SUBSTANTIAL SAVINGS off rate card. Should National Newspapers fit into your advertising plans our representatives will work with you on availabilities.

These newspapers are generally available, after the clearance of a specific advertise-ment, on a more fixed schedule than standby.

In the past seven years one of our associate companies has placed over $750 million in broadcast billing in spot and network television and radio. During this period of consistent station relations, we have acquired a "most favored client" position with broadcast media. Using a combination of barter and experienced negotiation skills, we are able to deliver to you quality advertising placement with extremely competitive efficiency.

This type of team effort allows us to develop media strategies tailored to address your needs and problems. Additional services offered include; media consultation, plan-ning promotional efforts, and market research.

We can also assist you in any or all phases of marketing including:

  • Product Positioning
  • Negotiate Rate Savings
  • Recommend Ad Types
  • Recommend Media Scheduling
  • Financial Analysis & Forecasting
  • Creative Approach & Strategy
  • Recommend Test Media
  • Secondary Marketing Strategy
  • Follow-up Analysis

You may use us for any or all of our innovative, creative media buying & planning services.

We look forward to answering any questions you may have and targeting a start-up date for any and all projects. 




Dr. Andrew Linick has been involved and active in the direct response advertising community for over thirty-two years. Together with his professional staff, he has developed a reputation for delivery and credibility. He has been responsible for developing and operating a media buying service as well as his own mail order, barter and publishing companies.

For the last 32 years, Andrew has been trading with established publishers as well as major corporations. He has developed important and influential contacts in this industry, making Media Planners a leader in the delivery of print media at substantial savings.



Senior Vice President

Vicky Morrison started her advertising career in 1982 when she began working for LK Advertising. In 1987 she began to solicit new direct response and general advertisers for the company. She developed advertising programs for all segments of the direct response field, helping many of her new clients to expand an initial direct response test into a full scale business.



A dedicated staff of Planners, Analysts, Researchers, Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations Communications Specialists and other support personnel are at your service. A network of over 25,000 loyal, talented creative/business professionals are available to ensure the success of your National and International campaigns. Call us soon!

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