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Our Pricing


Here is the cost and results you can expect from letting us turn your information into "news," and send it to the Newspaper, Radio and TV Media. Price includes writing the release for the greatest pick-up, media-ready distribution, actual newspaper clippings, color reports on the results and inclusion on the World Wide Web of the Internet.


Distribution to 12,500 newspapers, 3,000 dailies with 90 million circulation and 9,500 weeklies with 67 million circulation. Total: 157 million! Your release will be sent to each newspaper in the format it prefers—some get CD-ROMS, others prefer diskettes or repro proof of different widths.

GUARANTEE: We guarantee at least 100 to 400 Newspaper placements per print release.

Guaranteed Results  Cost per Placement            

                           1 column--each     2 columns--each     3 columns--each

1 Release 100+   Placements







2 Releases** 200+   Placements







3 Releases** 450+   Placements







**20% Discount on additional releases

Example 33% Discount Approx:

  *$2989    *$3,993     *$4,697

*DISCOUNTS—There is a 33% discount on all releases after the first on the same invoice and paid for within 10 days (print, radio, TV can be combined).

RADIO—We distribute to 7,500 RADIO stations with an audience of 58 million; and 400 to 500 stations pick up each story. cost is $10,706 for the first and $8,565 for any additional on the same invoice due to our 20% discount for additional releases.

TELEVISION—1,500 TELEVISION station distribution, including VHF, UHF and cable, for use as a stand-alone show or on regular news and talk shows. You can expect 100-150+ stations to pick up your release. Cost $14,059 for the first, $11,247 for any additional on the same invoice.

ALL THREE MEDIA, producing 600 to 1,000 placements: $36,177 Includes 2-column newspaper story (100-400 placements); Radio (400-500 stations minimum), and TV (100-150+ stations minimum). 

Blitz Media-Direct/Blitz-Naps

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