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Our 100% Guarantee for One Person Firms to Multi-International Conglomerates including: Entrepreneurs, Small to Medium Size Firms, Fortune 100 to 1000 Corporations, Publishers and Non-Profit Associations.

For over 40 years we have offered our client/friends a ...

100% Moneyback Guarantee on Internet Marketing/PR Communications

Strategic Planning, Creative Strategy, Copy Critique and Consultation

In today's economy, it pays to make every marketing communication count. But do yours?

From time to time, you've probably felt the need for help in planning, creating, and implementing effective direct mail, measurable direct response advertising, and guaranteed results public relations programs. For example, maybe you need advice and assistance in:

  • Converting more leads to sales

  • Generating more inquiries from print advertising

  • Determining which vertical industries or narrow target markets to pursue

  • Producing effective sales brochures, catalogs, case histories, and othermarketing literature

  • Writing and placing press releases, feature stories, and other publicity materials

  • Creating response-getting direct mail offers, packages, and campaigns

  • Designing, writing, and producing a company newsletter

  • Or any of dozens of other marketing, public relations and communications problems.

Maybe you've felt that the usual sources of assistance—freelancers, advertising agencies, and PR—were firms not focused on solving your particular problems, lacked the specific knowledge you require, didn't understand your product or service, charged unreasonable prices, or were not interested in your project because they wanted all your business, or perhaps you just want some occasional guidance and assistance. You prefer to handle most of your marketing communications in-house. Now there's a service designed especially to help you—

Internet Marketing/PR Communications Planning, Strategy, and Consultation

From Andrew S. Linick, Ph.D., The Copyologist®—Maximum Response Visionary Internet Marketing Mentor

Here are some questions prospective clients typically ask us—and the answers:What is the Marketing Communications Planning, Strategy, and Consultation Service? This is a service which assists small and medium-size firms in planning, creating, and implementing effective advertising, marketing, direct mail, publicity, and promotional programs. We act as your ongoing adviser, answering your questions, making recommendations, and providing whatever help you need to market and promote your product or service successfully.

Why would an organization choose Andrew Linick's Marketing Communications Planning, Strategy, and Consultation Service over hiring a full-service agency? For at least three good reasons:

1) Cost. Most agencies won't help you unless they get your whole account and you spend at least $100,000 to $250,000 a year with them. We will help you solve your marketing problems within whatever budget constraints you set. Significant test results can be achieved for as little as $25,000 to $75,000.

2) Results. Because our orientation is toward results, not aesthetics, many clients report an immediate increase in leads and sales after using our services. (Client testimonials available upon request.)

3) Education. As we work together, we teach you our techniques--strategies for boosting marketing communications effectiveness—so, over time, you learn to do more and more on your own.

How does it work? Our service is flexible and available to you on whatever basis meets your needs. You can hire us by the project, day, hour, or on a flexible retainer basis. While we are happy to use our time in any way you like, we will always advise you on how we think you will get the best results for your money.

What is discussed between us? The topics range from the general to the specific. You can ask us basic information about direct mail or any other topic you want to know more about; or we can deal with the nuts-and-bolts specifics of any project you have in mind.

How is the service rendered? Most of our clients prefer to work by mail, phone, and fax. However, we are available to meet with you at your office or ours, and a number of our clients use a combination of face-to-face meetings and telephone conferences.

What aspects of marketing communications are you expert in? About 50 percent of our business is planning and writing direct mail marketing campaigns. The rest involves planning and creating a wide assortment of marketing materials and programs including print ads, brochures, feature articles, slide presentations, film and videotape scripts, press releases, newsletters, catalogs, case histories, annual reports, product guides, manuals, and speeches—in short, whatever you need to help you sell more of your products and services.

What industries do you specialize in? Our specialties include: Business-to-Business. Industrial. High-tech. Direct Marketing, Consumer and Financial Services. Within these broad categories, we've worked with thousands of clients in dozens of fields including: Computers. Chemicals. Pulp and Paper. Construction. Electronics. Engineering. Industrial equipment. Marine products. Software. Banking. Health Care.Internet Publishing. Mail Order. Seminars. Training. Telecommunications. Consulting. Corporate and many other areas. But that's just a sampling. If you want to know whether we have experience in your specific field, call us and we'll tell you.

What are some of the specific services you provide for clients? Clients have hired us to create marketing and advertising plans; review and discuss ongoing marketing activities; make recommendations on new ways to effectively market existing products and services; review and critique ads, mailings, and other marketing documents; plan and write direct mail campaigns; train in-house staff in copywriting and marketing; and simply be available to provide input, answer questions, or bounce around ideas in a brainstorming session.

What size companies do you work with? We work with small firms, medium-size companies, and divisions of large corporations. Our service can be tailored to the complexity of your program and the size of your budget.

Do you actually implement recommendations? We are professional copywriters/marketing consultants. My creative backup team of 25,000+ experts (all members of the prestigious Copywriters Council of America (CCA) which I founded in 1968, produce marketing strategies (unique selling offers) and write maximum-results copy that sells. We can design, print, or produce any piece and save you up to 40% too. If you want us to handle your art, production and printing as part of a package price, we'll provide these services at our trade cost. This gives you greater control, faster delivery, and eliminates costly mark-ups using outside vendors. I, personally will be happy to review any work done for you by any other vendors you use (for example, many clients mail or fax rough layouts to me for comment before mechanicals are created).

Who will handle my account? All services are provided directly or supervised by Andrew Linick, Ph.D. Dr. Linick, The Copyologist®—an award-winning master copywriter and top consultant specializing in business-to-business and consumer direct marketing. He and Team CCA, has consulted with—and written copy for—more than 3,500 firms, agencies, corporations, organizations including On-Line Software, Timeplex, Convergent Solutions, JMW Consultants, Associated Air Freight, Sony Corporation, Dr. Rubenstein’s Wellness Centers, American Medical Collection Agency, Grumman, GE Solid State, Time Inc, and Twin Optical. Dr. Linick is the author of over two dozen books and 450 articles and confidential reports. A client list and publications catalog are available upon request.

What is the cost of Andrew Linick's marketing consultation/critique services? Clients can choose to hire The Copyologist® on an hourly, daily, retainer, or project basis. The base fee is $1000 per hour. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. You receive a 100% moneyback guarantee on his advice-by-phone. No other industry expert offers this reassuring no-strings attached arrangement.

What's the typical fee for new clients? I offer an introductory consultation for $5,000 which includes market research and up to 2 hour review of your materials and questions, a 2 hour consultation (by phone, mail, fax or in-person), and up to one hour phone follow-up OR report outlining my recommendations. You get approximately 5 hours of strategic sound advice on a 100% moneyback guarantee. Best of all, you must be satisfied with the knowledge/results/savings from the advice you receive or it cost you nothing!

Is all time billable? No. To see whether our service is right for you, we offer a free initial consultation by phone for 15 minutes. Thereafter, however, time is billable at $1000 per hour.

What's the next easy step? Just punch in 631/924-3888 and tell us how we can be of service. You may even want to schedule your free 15-minute telephone consultation to discuss how we can solve your most pressing marketing and business problems. Be sure to request by phone, fax or email—your FREE . . .

Successful Relationship Marketing Communications Audit

Andrew S. Linick, Ph.D.—The Copyologist®

America's Top Producing Direct Marketing Specialist

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