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Hanshi Linick Honored

Nunchaku - Karate's Deadliest Fighting Sticks

by Andrew S. Linick Ph.D., 10th Dan Grand Master, Hanshi

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Here is what some of the top Martial Arts masters in the US are saying about Nunchaku ......

" ... few karateka in America can equal Andrew Linick's ability with the deadly Nunchaku......I, for one, am happy that Grand Master Linick is imparting some of this knowledge to the public." - Master Al Weiss, 6th Dan Combat Karate , Editor - Official Karate Magazine.

" Grand Master Linick is the very best Martial Arts and weapons genius I've known in 25 years. He definitely has the Zen Mind."Grand Master Peter Urban, 10th Dan,  Author of "The Karate Dojo".

" Dr. Linick has distinguished himself in the field of a consistent winner of Karate tournements on the Eastern Seaboard. He holds degrees in many forms of Karate and has proven himself an almanac of Karate styles and forms". - Grand Master Gary Alexander, 10th Dan.  1974 Black Belt Hall of Fame."

" Dr. Linick's books on Nunchaku are classics ...I consider them a must for every serious Martial Arts student interested n the fine art of Oriental Weapons". - Master Stephen Armstrong, 8th Dan - Author of Seisan Kata.

" This revised edition is a goldmine of information...I would not part with it for any price." -  Grand Master Glen Premru, 9th Dan - International Weapons Champion.

"What Nakayama did for his Master's text on Karate,  Shihan Linick has accomplished in this text on Nunchaku." - Master Teruyuki Higa, 8th Dan - Okinawan Weapons Expert

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