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Marketing Audit

Book, Audio, Video, CD-Rom, Product—Marketing Communications Audit

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In today’s business arena, it pays to make every marketing communication count.

This simple two page audit is designed to help you identify your most pressing marketing communications challenges—and to find ways to solve problems, communicate with your target markets more profitably, and get better results from every dollar spent on advertising, free publicity and targeted sales promotion.

Step One: Identify Your Areas of Need

Check off all items that are of concern to you right now:

  • Develop a PR, Advertising or Markeing Plan that minimizes and maximizes ROI

  • Generate more qualified inquired/orders from our direct response print advertising campaign

  • Make print ads and classified ads more persuasive with profitable testing benefit "killer" headlines

  • Help determine which vertical media or narrow target markets to pursue for instant revenue

  • Effectively market and promote our product or service on a limited advertising budget to target audiences.

  • Produce effective sales brochures, catalogs, other marketing literature to sell more products

  • Get good case histories, user stories written and published for maximum exposure and income.

  • Get articles by company personnel written and published in industry trade journals.

  • Get editors to write about our company, product, or activities to increase visibility.

  • Get more editors to run our press releases

  • Plan and implement a direct mail campaign or program

  • Dramatically boost direct mail response rates

  • Generate low-cost but qualified leads using post card decks or self mailers

  • Make all our marketing communications more responsive and ROI accountable

  • Design, write and produce a company newsletter to get prospects/customers to call

  • Create an effective company or capabilities brochure to boost sales and profits

  • Develop selling strategies for responding to and following up on inquiries/orders

  • Create effective inquiry fulfillment packages

  • Produce and use a video/audio tape to promote our product or service

  • Write and publish a book, booklet or how-to special report to promote our company or products to get prospects to call

  • Choose the correct promium or advertising specialty as a customer giveaway for referrals

  • Get reviews and critiques of existing or in-progress copy for ads, mailings, brochures and other promotions for increased profits

  • How to promote our product or service using free or paid seminars to get faster sales

  • Market product(s) or organization by having our people speak or present papers at conventions, trade shows, meetings, and other industry events

  • Train our staff with an in-house seminar in: _________________________________

  • Learn proven strategies and irresistible offers for marketing our products/service(s), getting people to respond or buy immediately

  • Other (describe): ____________________________________________



Part Two


1. Provide a Rough Indication of Your Budget

Amount of budget you are prepared to commit to the solution of the problems checked off on page one of this audit form:

under $5,000___ $10,000 ___  $15,000 ___ $25,000 ___  $50.000 ___  $100,000 ___ $250,000 ___ $500,000 ___ $750,000 ___ 1 million ___ other: ________________


2. Fill in Your Name, Address, Phone and Fax Numbers and E-mail Address Below


Name________________________________________ Title _______________________________

Please Print Clearly

Company _____________________________________________ Phone _____________________

Address _________________________________________________________________________

City ___________________________________________ State ___________ Zip ______________

Fax___________________________________________  E-mail____________________________


3. Fax/E-mail: Your Completed Form Today

Mail: Andrew Linick, Ph.D./Linick Building/ PO Box 102/ Middle Island, NY 11953-0102 USA

Fax/E-mail: 631.924.3890 • E-mail:

Phones: 631.924.3888 • 631.924.8555

If you wish, send me your current ads, brochures, mailing pieces, press releases, and any other material that will give me a good idea of the products or services you are responsible for promoting. I will review your audit and materials and provide a free up to 15 minute consultation by phone with specific recommendations on how to solve your marketing problems, implement programs, and effectively address your key areas of concern. To schedule a specific date and time for your free, no-obligation phone consultation, indicate your preferred date and time below:


Preferred date and time _______________________________________________


Alternate date and time _______________________________________________

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