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Maximum Response Public Relations—Measurable Marketing Communications Providing Targeted Direct Response PR Results Producing Qualified Leads, Sales, Cash Orders For Authors, Publishers, Individuals And Companies Since 1968.


Get Thousands of Dollars of Free Publicity for your Note Cards, Videos, Products, Services, Organization, Ideas and YOURSELF!

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Why Mike Cohen, M.D. needs a cost-effective

Direct Marketing Action Plan

for his Greeting Cards • Note Cards • Golf Related Product(s).


Dear Dr. Michael Cohen:

Thank you for your interest in Blitz Media-Direct's many creative communications services.

Here's how we work: our creative service involves pinpointing the right customers who are most likely to be responsive to your Golf Enthusiast Note Cards. We devise ways to interest those qualified prospects in your product(s), and arrange for them to get it into their hands.

Blitz Media-Direct creates target marketing and cost-effective PR strategies after reviewing your products and assessing their strengths. When necessary, we'll develop a creative conference by mail and/or phone to gather more background material.

The first phase of our service culminates when we draw up an action plan designed to give your golf products their best shot at success. This plan outlines tactics, research and follow-through work, and takes into account each author's time and talents, and each publisher's available limited resources. Total fee: $4,750 plus out-of-pocket expenses -- not to exceed $250.

During the next phase, the action plan functions as both an agenda and a shopping list. Publishers can implement it themselves or they can choose to purchase guidance and assistance from us in connection with any or all of the steps it outlines.

Within The Linick Group, Inc. we can provide designers, researchers, copywriters, advertising and media mavens, patent attorneys and cater to your special needs. We work on a monthly retainer, or per project basis. Sound advice by phone is available on a 100% satisfaction guaranteed basis.

We also offer a more detailed 12-month action plan that includes full particulars for each step we recommend.

You will be given several suggestions to enhance INSIDE RIGHT’S selling value in the different marketplaces. Your action plan will break down over a dozen successful marketing options you can choose from for promoting and SELLING all your products.

Suggested advertising media schedule will include winning measurable public relations, sales promotion and direct response marketing strategies to help increase your product sales.

Continual review of results and a commitment to testing everything . . . from products . . . to media . . . to offers -- will allow you to invest wisely rather than haphazardly in developing and boosting substantial new and existing product revenue.

In the direct response/mail order business, almost every element is testable. The above type of structured approach should minimize your risk and maximize your profit opportunities.

Our fee for a custom maxi-plan is $7,000 (payable in advance) plus out-of-pocket expenses—not to exceed $500.

For additional information, or to discuss your exciting project further, kindly call us at 631.924.3888. We look forward to helping you jump-start YOUR CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS/MAIL-ORDER/TRADE SHOW SALES OF GOLF RELATED PRODUCTS in becoming a huge success!

Respectfully yours,
Andrew S.Linick, Ph.D.


P.S. We will deliver your project on time, within your budget and to your complete satisfaction. With a risk-free guarantee like that, you can't lose. So, why not contact us today. I'll be waiting for you call.


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