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Improve Your Space Ads

21 Unique Ways To Improve Your Space Ads

by Dr. Andrew S. Linick—The Copyologist®


1. Is your ad in character with the market you are reaching?
2. Is the presentation in character with the product or service you are offering?
3. Is your ad in harmony with the editorial content of each magazine?


4.  Is there a central theme behind your ad?
5.  Does your headline and sub-headline stick to the key offer and reinforce the ultimate benefit?
6.  Is your product or service dramatized to its best advantage by format and/or presentation?
7.  Are good quality drawings or photographs used to portray the product?
8.  Do you show widely adaptable examples of your product or service in use?
9.  Is your copy believable and "chock full" of benefits and not just features?
10.Does your copy pass the "readability test?" Short words? Short sentences? Tight paragraphs having no more than seven lines?
11. Are your statements backed up by testimonials and first or third party endorsements?
12. Does your entire ad presentation follow a logical sequence and tell a complete story — including price, offer and guarantee?
13. Does your entire ad presentation build toward inducing the reader to take specific action? 800 #'s, credit cards for credibility, Good Housekeeping Seal?


14. Does the layout have the feel of a good mail order direct response advertisement?15. Will the ad appear to look like an editorial, pub set?
16. Is the choice of typography in keeping with your presentation? Does your copy pass the "Typography test?" Neat. Easy to read. Title case for headlines.
17. Is color employed judiciously to show the product or service in its best light?
18. Are typography, photography, and art in keeping with the market and proposition?19. Has art work been prepared in the best manner for the printing process to be employed in a variety of media?
20. Have all artwork and mechanicals been checked and approved by the artists or art studio before releasing the ad?
21. Did you consult Andrew S. Linick, Ph.D.—The Copyologist® about it?

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