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Global Tracking


Global Monitoring of Ad Creative and Expenditures

To familiarize you with what we can assist you with: Through our highly experienced network, not only can we can provide global advertising intelligence here in the U.S. but internationally as well, if required.

Through regional offices and joint venture partners here and in London, we can provide you access to Print and Television creative from over 50 countries, as well as Ad Expenditure data for a specific set of categories. Whether you’d like to select material from various creative and ad expenditure libraries, or you want on-going monitoring, we customize all of our reports, and deliver them faster than ever.


50 COUNTRIES - Information on competitive advertising is available from over 50 countries within Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa

48 HOUR DELIVERY - Standard research and delivery timeline is 48 hours for materials currently in the database

DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY - Digital formatting of all creative material preserves visual quality, allows us to provide the material on CD ROM, or over the internet

EMAIL ALERTS - Via centralized monitoring stations located all over the world, we’re able to provide weekly notification of new, available TV and Print ads

LINKED CREATIVE & SPENDING - We’re able to provide spend figures per creative execution for European regions, for a select set of categories

CUSTOM CAT CD - Custom-designed CAT CD allows you to create your own desktop digital library of advertising, and spending figures, to be accessed by brand, country, date, medium, and more…

CLIENT BASE - Local and international ad agencies, Fortune 500 corporations, production companies, non-profit organizations, to name a few

WHY USE THIS SERVICE? - To monitor international advertising activity in partnership with global ad tracking experts

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