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Offers Free $250 Consultation To Celebrate Anniversary

MIDDLE ISLAND, NY -- The Direct Response Advertising and Marketing Adviceline™ (DRAMA™), the nation’s only intensive New York based information consulting service catering to travel related businesses, is celebrating its 16th successful year in operation. To mark this achievement, and as part of the celebration which lasts through December 31, 2000, Travel Weekly readers are offered a free Gift Certificate worth $250—50% off the first hour of any DRAMA consultation.

Citing their successful years as the result of meeting the needs of travel agencies, tour operators/wholesalers and other suppliers here and in Canada, DRAMA Founder/Director Andrew S. Linick, Ph.D. indicated that his company’s advice, information and tips on direct response advertising, direct mail, publicity, and other forms of communication "was heartily welcomed" by the travel industry. According to Linick, the Adviceline is still sought after and continues to guarantee complete satisfaction.

"Today, more than ever, travel trade clients and their agencies need sound, reliable information on what works in advertising and marketing—and what doesn't," says Linick. "As a freelance travel direct response advertising consultant/copywriter, hundreds of people call in asking questions such as: 'How can I get more inquiries from my quarter-page trade ad?' or 'How can I write a direct mail package that will get my agency better than a 2% response?' DRAMA was established to give travel trade professionals some of the answers."

Linick notes that many air carriers, hoteliers, travel agencies, wholesalers, governments, tourist boards, cruise lines, tour operators, and marketing & sales professionals neither need, nor want to retain a full-time ad or PR agency. "What travel marketers need," he explains, "is sound, reliable advice from time to time. That's why the Adviceline was created—to allow anyone with questions or problems to call, for a set fee on a money back guarantee."

Since 1984, providers of travel products and services facing critical decisions on a variety of subjects have utilized DRAMA advice. Professional advice that would otherwise cost exorbitant fees includes critiques of existing direct response and PR projects, the design of six to twelve-month marketing action plans, and suggestions for improving print ads, catalogs, brochures, newsletters, corporate communications, telemarketing scripts, evaluation of direct mailings & new products, and implementation.

Linick estimates he has served hundreds of advertising and public relations agencies, publishers and industry suppliers specializing in selling travel products and services. "I consult, advise and create," says Linick. "About half of my projects require writing measurable response copy to sell travel products and services."

"What impressed me was Linick's insight into our needs before they were fully presented,"

says Nigel Osborne, CTC V. P. marketing-sales for Trafalgar Tours, one of Europe's largest tour operators. "A soothsayer and optimist . . . he has a way of extracting information from people—information that even they do not know they had. He knows exactly what hot spots to hit."

Known in the trade as the Copyologist®, Linick cites five qualities a travel product must have to assure direct marketing suitability: 1) a broad universal appeal, 2) an unusual selling feature/benefit, 3) exclusivity, 4) a profitable price, and 5) a "dream element" or desire that persuades a potential buyer to take immediate action.

To open a DRAMA account clients estimate how much time they are likely to need, then make advance deposits each month into their account. The account is drawn against as consultation is needed. Any hours unused by month's end are credited to the next month. (A minimum deposit of $1,000 covering two hours is required to open an account.) As a test, callers can sign up for one month or one hour, charging the service to Mastercard, Visa or Am/Ex.

DRAMA travel industry clients worldwide phone during business hours, Monday through Friday, and receive immediate answers to tough problems. They don't have to spend valuable time on research, or thousands of dollars to travel to New York or to fly a travel direct response marketing consultant to their offices.

To receive a free introductory $250 phone consultation gift certificate Travel Weekly readers may contact: The Direct Response Advertising and Marketing Adviceline™ (DRAMA™), Linick Building-Dept. TW, PO Box 102, Middle Island, NY 11953-0102 , Phone: 631.924.3888; Fax: 631/924.3890; E-mail:

Editor’s Note: Andrew Linick is available for an interview and/or monthly travel marketing advice column. Action color/b&w photos also available.

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