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Commercial Alert Service



We encourage you to take full advantage of us by tapping into our Commercial Alert Service. It’s quite simple.

We find new competitive commercials from the list you provide us with below. We will notify you at no charge, and invoice you only if you decide to purchase videocassettes, LaserBoards, audio cassettes, and/or radio transcripts. Of course, all information given to us will be held in complete confidence.

The more information we have from you about your competitive needs, the better we are able to serve you. Take a few minutes now to fill in the information below and mail it to us at: The Linick Group, P.O. Box 102, Seven Putter Lane, Middle Island, NY 11953. Or you can fax it to our Advertising Services Division at: (631) 924-3890.

COMPANY NAME: ___________________________________________

ADDRESS: ___________________________________________


CONTACT: ___________________________________________

PHONE: ____________________________________

ACCOUNT: ___________________________________________



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