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CCA Testimonials


CCA clients say it best . . .

"Thanks for the ad copy. As usual, a job well done. You know how to listen—and give us copy that's right on target the first time. We seldom change even a single word in the ads and brochures you write for us. "Your technical know-how and copywriting skills are an unbeatable combination for industrial and business-to-business advertising. We know we'll keep on using it—and you."  -Kenneth I. Weissman, President, Graphicom

"I'll have to admit that I was initially somewhat skeptical that copy for a brochure could actually be written by mail, without all those meetings we've come to associate with the process. But your excellent copy made me a believer. It was clear that you had not only read the materials that I'd sent, but you also understood them. Your fresh approach won all-around approval. I don't think the changes we made affected more than three or four sentences. I look forward to future projects."- John W. Alexander, Jr., Vice President , The Philadelphia National Bank

"Sent out thirty letters last week and landed $9,400 worth of business. Response cards are coming in and I haven't had time to check the mail again. I don't know what it is about your letter that grabs clients, but I'm sure going to keep using it." Grey Smith RENT A WRITER

"We at the Laboratory just want to thank you for your write up of the Dedication Ceremony . . . . We were impressed not only with the accuracy of detail, but with its overall comprehensiveness. You wrote it as if you had enjoyed the day and had your heart in your work. It is certainly the best article we have seen to date on the dedication." Moshe J. Lubin, Director , Laboratory for Laser Energetics

"Many thanks for supporting our entrepreneurial women through sharing your time and expertise with them. I believe the group truly benefited from your knowledge of advertising and public relations."                                    Dr. Marci Goldstein, Training Director , Economic Development Corporation

"I would like to commend Copywriter's Council of America on the creative copywriting and consultation services you have provided—everything was excellent!" George W. Capua, President,  Grumman Data Systems Institute

"Just wanted to send you a note saying thanks! The direct mail campaign The Copyologist® did for us this summer drew a positive 3.9% response."  Deborah L. Seal, Marketing Manager, InforConversion

"We have now had the opportunity to review the final returns from our Customer Satisfaction Survey and are truly pleased. The number of returned surveys and the high percentage (49%) of response far exceeded our past experience and our expectations for this year." William R. Wass, Vice President,   Grumman Systems Support

"I just wanted to let you know how effective the direct mail piece you designed for us has been. We knew the moment your piece was received because it prompted people to pick up the phone immediately and inquire about our classes. No other mail piece we have ever used in 20 years has elicited this type of response. We made a $54,000 profit on a $7,500 investment. " Jerry Agostisi, Director, Grumman Data Systems Institute

"... I needed an expert second opinion. I had paid for a marketing plan from
a major direct response agency in Chicago and wanted to know if my budget of
300M for 1984 was allocated properly... Dr. Linick saved us from making at
least $50,000 worth of mistakes. His knowledge about circulation, promotion,
media planning and direct mail, was worth 160 times his consulting fee."
Dr. Robert Moran, Publisher, BODY IN MOTION MAGAZINE

"... Just a note of appreciation for the good find. I needed help and
needed it fast. And I got it... Mike Goodwin not only wrote two strong
letters for us, he also redesigned our order form in a way that demands
action. Best of all, it¹s comforting to know there are pros around who can
do the job when you have to have it."                                                                                                                         

Claude Milot, Manager Marketing, MOTOR PUBLICATIONS

"... We hired CCA to write a renewal series and a new direct mail
package for two of our publications. They send us two top copywriters who
delivered professional packages, on time, on target and within our budget.
We are very satisfied with their quality work and highly recommend CCA¹s
creative services."
Robert J. Kaplan, President , Newsletter Communications Corp.

Proof-Reading. "Enclosed you will find our check in the amount of
$150.00, covering the fee owed to Marguerite Cushing for the proof-reading
job she recently completed. As per our conversation, the job was calculated
to be 12 hours work x $12.50 per hour. Thank you for your help in obtaining
Ms. Cushing to do the work on such short notice. It was greatly appreciated.
We were impresses with the quality and consistency of her work, and would
like to thank you for referring her to us." Manuel H. Barron/President

Consumer Direct Mail Package. "Thank you for doing the impossible! The
enclosed check for $30K reflects your 50% share of the increased gross sales
from the week of September 7 - 14. The changes you made to our successful
control Direct Mail piece increased response by 35% straight across the
board. Your copy strategies, design, and new improved offer ‹ sheer genius‹
blew away our competition!

Andrew, you can expect a weekly royalty check based upon our continued
results. As agreed, please feel free to use my name in recommending your
creative expertise and counsel to prospective clients. Thanks for your
friendship, expert advice, and clever ideas on copy, lists, and offers. Your
knowledge of what¹s working in this DM telemarketing industry is superior to
every expert I¹ve retained." Bob Caplan/President TWO-CAN TRAVEL

"The Literary Marketplace directory helped me locate Madison Avenue
direct response marketing expertise right in our own backyard - Long Island.
Mr. Scott MacFarland/Managing Editor, Serials and Reference Books

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