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Andrew S. Linick, Ph.D


Picking Grapes in Champagne, France 2006


Andrew S. Linick, Ph.D is to mail order/ direct marketing circles as Steven Spielberg is to film-making. Dr. Linick is known in the trade as The Copyologist® , and is the world’s highest paid freelance copywriter in direct marketing because of his consistently astounding success.

Starting in his spare time – with a kitchen table for an "office" – he built an international mail order publishing empire. Dr. Linick sold over $2 billion worth of products and services for himself and clients since he founded his business in 1967. Among his many achievements, he was inducted into the Copywriter’s Council Hall of Fame in 1987.

Today, Dr. Linick knows that anybody can find, write, print, publish, market, advertise, promote, distribute and sell books and information products via measurable mail order advertising and targeted public relations methods.

He believes that capital, experience – even the product are of secondary importance. Knowing how to market – Turning Your Hobby into a Bestseller – is the most important thing.

Dr. Linick attributes his vast expertise to mentors Joe Pinkus and Joseph Cossman. Pinkus was featured in the November 1952 issue of Advertising Age in a breakthrough article titled "Unique Mail Order Specialist Runs $42 Ad into Million Dollar Business," and Cossman wrote the 1963 classic, How I Made a Million Dollars in Mail Order.

In Robert W. Bly’s blockbuster, Secrets of a Freelance Writer: How to make $85,000 a Year, Dr. Linick is cited as "one of the most successful freelance mail-order writers of all time." He is the only expert quoted twice in Shane A. Hills’ The Ten Wisest Sayings About Copywriting. He was even featured in Advertising Age’s cartoon caption that read: "We need someone with vision, creativity, and great marketing instincts . . .someone like Andrew Linick."

Dr. Linick is listed in more that 20 Who’s Who directories, including Who’s Who in Consulting; Direct Marketing; Worldwide; and The Martial Arts Elite.

Dr. Linick is the author-publisher of more than a dozen books, 26 special reports and 450 magazine articles. He has also been quoted in the two-volume bestseller More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About Mail Order Advertising by H.G. Lewis and Direct Marketing Association’s Direct Response Print Space Monograph Series.

Highly committed to sharing knowledge, Dr. Linick has guided thousands of successful first-time authors. Writers, self-publishers, independent publishing houses and mail order booksellers through his telephone advisory service.

He has written sales letters, direct response space ads, brochures and other marketing documents for clients in a wide range of services/products and service/product related businesses.

He is also the author of five bestsellers, including Guide to Trouble-Free Travel, and Secrets of a Mail Order Fortunaire (tm) , and his latest soon-to-be-published Turning Your Hobby into a Bestseller.

Dr. Linick is Chairman and CEO of The Linick Group, Inc., the second top Direct Response Advertising & Public Relations Agency on Long Island. He serves as marketing consultant to some of the top corporations in the world, including IBM, NY Telephone, AT&T, Grumman Corp., Citibank, American Express and Time, Inc.

Additionally, he offers private and consultations by phone for small networking groups, small businesses/ start-ups and individuals.

Among the 20 companies he owns are L.K. Advertising, L.K Litho, Blitz Media-Direct, The Audio, Video & Infomercial Connection, Direct Response Advice-By-Phone Helpline® and four book clubs. In 1968, he founded The Copywriter’s Council of America, a not-for-profit organization that matches clients with freelance copywriters and communications specialists.

An international speaker, Dr. Linick conducts worldwide seminar/workshops and delivers keynote speeches for several trade associations, corporations and groups, including the National Newsletter Assn., American Marketing Assn., L.I. Direct Marketing Assn., Travel Associates, SPATA – Society of Polish American Travel Agents and Meeting World.

Dr. Linick received his B.A. from Hofstra University and Ph.D. degree from Thomas Edison University. He has taught and/or administered at the Hebrew Academy of Long Island, Adelphi University, New York Institute of Technology and State University of New York at Stony Brook.

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