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These FREE articles have been included for your reading enjoyment and are intended to provide both information and background data, as you shop for your creative needs here at our site.

  • Timeless Direct Marketing Strategies
    Presentation given at Publishers Association of the South (PAS) 1999 Publishers Winter Conclave Jan. 22-24 New Orleans, Louisiana, Hotel St. Marie. 31 Timeless Direct Marketing Strategies by Andrew S. Linick, Ph.D.—The Copyologist® Keynote Speaker
  • Strategies to Increase Book Sales
    An open letter to Independent Publishers . . . Self-Publishers • Authors • Small Presses • Publicists
  • The Best Freelance Copy
    Get the best freelance copy for your next Bus.-to-Bus. Copywriting Assignment
  • The Greatest Freelance Talent
    How to hire the best creative freelance direct response copywriters in the world …at BELOW market rates!
  • Advantages of Direct Mail
    The Many Advantages of Direct Mail
  • Direct Mail Selling
    Direct Mail Selling - Direct mail is one of the best cost effective ways in selling books, videos, cassettes, disks, CD-ROM and other information products. DM workd best to hard to reach consumers, libraries, special sales (premium or catalog sales), wholesalers, corporations, universities, and other retail outlets. This precisely targeted form of direct response marketing has many other uses and virtues. One of them is turning satisfied customers into repeat buyers. Here are 51 more.
  • Promotional Negotiation
    Since your goal is not to make money as a speaker but to promote your product or service, you can use the group’s lack of payment for your talk as a weapon in negotiating for concessions extra things it gives you that can help maximize the promotional value of your talk for your firm.
  • Spiritual Notes & Knowledge
    It is not our intention to preach to anyone regarding anything. This small section is simply a spiritual corner that welcomes anyone needing to hear a few enlightened words. If we offend you, please accept our sincere apology.



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