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AD Tracking Services



Knowledge is power. The power to create. The power to position. The power to give your advertising and marketing the edge you need to win. Because of our network of contacts we can give you that power. And much more. Dynamic and sophisticated monitoring and retrieving TV commercials, radio spots and print ads.

We Track So You Won’t Have To

We help you keep pace in today’s fast-moving business environment. Instead of your wasting valuable time hunting down commercials, we can track them for you—quickly and efficiently. We record, monitor and retrieve TV commercials, radio spots and print ads from top national and local markets, as well as international markets. From Peoria to Paris. Orlando to Oslo. Miami to Malaysia. We network to collect and deliver advertising data fast!

The Best Library In The Business

We access an Advertising Library that is in a league of its own. Not only does it contain over one million TV commercials, it contains radio spots and print ads. We can find TV spots dating back to 1964, radio spots since 1980, and print advertising from 1990. What’s more, it’s updated daily and digitally archived.

What’s Old? Put the power of the past to work for you. Just tell us what you’re looking for, and it’s yours. Simply give us a keyword such as category, theme or product and our search engine will go to work. Commercials are retrieved quickly and efficiently.

What’s New? Stay ahead of the curve. We will find new or late breaking commercials in your category of interest. Just tell us specifically what you want, and we’ll find it for you. And by placing a standing order, commercials in your chosen category will be automatically sent directly to you.

Global Monitoring of Ad Creative and Expenditures

On your behalf we access the largest global advertising resource in existence—print and television creative from over 50 countries, as well as ad expenditure data for a specific set of categories.

Print Matters

The same goes for a state-of-the-art digital print library containing clipped ads from major national newspapers and over 100 consumer magazines. The same way you receive commercials, you also receive color reproductions or digital copies of ads.


ADBANK Pays Monthly Dividends

Subscribe to ADBANK and automatically receive monthly updates of breaking commercials. Simply choose a category from our list and each month, you’ll receive an overview of the previous month’s commercial activity from 15 major markets.

Custom Monitoring

Do you need to know how many times your competitor is running each execution? Do you need detailed, accurate information quickly enough to respond during a flight? We can customize reporting capabilities to get you the information you need as quickly as the day after airing.

Competitive Activity Reports help you keep track of your competition. Non-Program Material Reports can tell you anything you could possibly need to know about commercials, promos, PSA’s or other "clutter" material.

In addition, we can monitor your own commercials. Proof of Performance Reports can verify your commercial schedule, quality, placement, rotation, cut-ins, blackouts, and competitive separation. Proof of Performance Reports are concise, detailed and accurate.


Let’s Get Technical

At LG/VMS, we’re constantly seeking state-of-the-art equipment and software to save you time and provide you with enhanced services and options. All new ads are archived digitally, greatly increasing our speed and capabilities. For example, in digital format, ads from our affiliate LA office are delivered to NY in minutes…and, we can deliver commercials straight to your computer.

Partnering to Serve You Better

At LG/VMS, you’re more than a client. You’re our partner and we go the extra mile for you. Our Account Service Representatives are knowledgeable, responsive, professional and proactive. They know what to look for and where to look.

Remember, we pride ourselves on giving you the information you need and the service you deserve.

Six Formats to Choose From

1. Videocassettes

2. Audiocassettes

3. CD-ROMS and Diskettes

4. TranscriptsAccurate, verbatim, easy to read.

5. Laser BoardsPost-production storyboards with full-text transcripts and key color pictures give you the complete story.

6. Color Reproductions of Print Ads.

Two Digital Delivery Options

1. InternetDigital file transfer to your computer.

2. E-mailTranscripts and LaserBoards


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