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An Economical Way To Keep Your Eye On Competitive TV Advertising, or Get An Overview of Advertising Activity in Related Industries

Every month approximately 5000 new TV commercials are introduced to American consumers. Not knowing what a competitor is saying in their advertising can be devastating. But with such a large number of new ads appearing every month, how do you keep your eye on all of your competitors’ new creative without spending a fortune or driving yourself crazy? The answer is simple—call us and subscribe to AdBank today!


TV Commercials in More Than 200 Industry Categories

AdBank is a subscription-based service that pulls together new TV ads from network, cable and 15 local markets. It conveniently organizes them into more than 200 industry categories. Monthly reels of TV commercials are accompanied by written log sheets. This allows you to easily ascertain the creative activity in the category/categories you have subscribed to. Plus, these log sheets provide a textual archival record for future reference and easy organization. And, because AdBank is a syndicated product delivered monthly and billed annually, the price allows you to see more spots and fewer bills.

ADBANK COVERAGE: Network, National Cable and 15 Local Markets, Including:

Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New York, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Seattle

ADBANK CATEGORIES: More Than 200, Including:

Apparel & Accessories, Automotive, Beverages, Corporate Image, Cosmetics & Personal Care, Business & Financial, Food, Furnishings and Appliances, Electronics, Laundry & Household Products, Medicine & Pharmaceuticals, Movie Promotions, Pet Products, Political Ads & PSA’s, Retail Outlets, Telecommunications, Toys & Games, Travel & Leisure, and MANY MORE!

ADBANK PRICING: Call for More Information.

Pricing is generally based on the size of the category and the approximate number of spots in each category. Category pricing starts at as little as $2,000 per year.

ADBANK FORMATS: Tell us How You Want To See Your Spots Every Month.

We offer 1/2" VHS, 3/4" U-Matic, or Digital CD-ROM formats. All at the same price.

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