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The Internet Marketingologist™

He’s back and more
necessary than ever!

Regardless of how serious . . . Regardless of how complex!


  No so-called expert ever achieved such an unbelievable turnaround of my direct response marketing efforts as did Linick . In mere weeks he had refined my list selection, made highly responsive changes in my copy, increased my internet revenues, and enabled me to dramatically resuscitate my bottom line. I didn't think it was possible, but that was before I met Andrew Linick.   


- Scott Clemens, Publisher of

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Andrew Linick, Ph.D.
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Andrew Linick is back and 
ready to perform his magic!

It's been three years since this man with blessed talent has actively sought consultant clients. He has used this time to structure several new personal businesses and to involve himself in launching selected Internet situations. He cites the reason for his return as bowing to non-stop requests to provide his rare in-depth under-standing to a medium that is in the grips of a technological explosion.


A rare genius among a disappearing



Praise...after praise...after praise.
Read what they are, plus the answers.
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My name is Andrew Linick, and I want you to think of me as your lifeline in raging seas. As such, I definitely can resolve YOUR Company's direct response problems. 

Believe me, I am well-aware of the massive challenges you must confront in dealing with today's consumer buying habits, soaring costs of postage, sagging quality of lists, and the new "mathematics" of marketing on the internet.

You no longer can afford not to know the whens, wheres, whats and hows necessary to reach and sell to your prospects. This is NOT A GUESSING GAME. Never before has it been more important for you to be RIGHT! And the good news is, there is no reason not to be. ANDREW LINICK LEVELS THE PLAYING FIELD. How?

By standing at your side whenever key decisions must be made. I'll be your "secret resource" to catch up with the crowd and EVENTUALLY DASH AHEAD. I do not make rash promises. I remind you my files are filled with glowing testimonials similar to the one printed above. I simply detest failure!

What I have done for so many ailing companies (including a few who were bleeding on the bottom line and ready to toss in the towel), I CAN DO FOR YOU! Made no difference whether they were big, small, or in-between. If they were "hurting" I always accepted their calls for help and ultimately led them back into the sweet-domain of pure profitability.

And here’s what else I want you to realize . . . 


 I'll bring about my unique kind of improvement faster than you ever dreamed possible . . . with less expense . . . with less upheaval . . . with less stress. I absolutely can make this happen -- virtually overnight!


How can I be so confident?


Because where direct marketing managers see hopelessness, I see solutions. Where owners see decreasing returns, I see non-stop mail, phone and internet orders. Where accountants see a river of bills, I see a tidal wave of checks.


Please forgive me if I come across as egotistical, arrogant, and even smug. This is the tone of success. THIS IS WHERE I DWELL! Where you should dwell.


Remember, I hate to lose any battle.


Creating rapid and sustainable turnarounds is what I'm about! This is what I relish. There is practically no situation that I have not confronted. And no challenge I have not mastered. I love when my back is against the wall and precious time is whittling down.


Nothing excites me more than to know that I helped another company to keep going instead of grinding to a halt. NOTE: Maximum achievement is what I normally expect when I take on a retainer client or an ongoing assignment. Clients often find that within days of my involvement (sometimes in mere hours) I am identifying answers and even providing cost effective solutions.


I'm done talking. Thank you for listening. Now I invite you to read what others have had to say about my assistance.


Why not start with the comments of Jody Stallings, President of Creative Enterprises:


“The two hour consulting call left me feeling overwhelmed. I am glad you told me to record it and transcribe it. That’s the only way that much information could possibly be digested. Months have passed since our first call, and I am still using the information as my direction ... By using you as  my consultant, I feel like I have a ‘cheat sheet’ for the test of successful self publishing.” 


Here's what Debra Seal, Marketing Manager of Grumman Systems Support Corporation had to say:


“When I needed sound advice by phone and in-person, you were always available. Your creative solutions and intelligent recommendations were right on target. You provided us with close personal attention on every project from beginning to end - something that giant consulting firms  with high overheads seldom do.”


And George W. Capua, Vice President of InfoConversion:


“Without the expertise and assistance of Linick Marketing Research, our impossible 3 1/2 day deadline to reach respondents would never have been achieved. A questionnaire was sent to approximately 1000 publishers. A 32% response was achieved.  With under a ten thousand dollar budget we were able to quantify a 43.3 million dollar Directory and Online Data Publishing Market and gain other extremely valuable information necessary for us to compete favorably in the market place .” 


And Dr. Bob Moran, Publisher of Body In Motion Magazine:


“Dr. Linick saved us from making at least $50,000 worth of mistakes. His knowledge about circulation, promotion, media planning, and direct mail, was worth 160 times his consulting fee.”   


And Robert Kaplan, CEO, Newsletter Communications Corp.:


“Your direct mail copy is giving us great results. Just picked up this morning’s mail and I am happy to report we have received 175 replies from a mailing of 2000! Your other suggestions about re-designing our newsletter and implementing the other ancillary profit centers we were not aware of, have been very beneficial. It amazes me what a fresh pair of eyes will uncover. Thanks to your advice via your Phone Credit Bank . You saved us from making a $10,000 blunder.” 


Their high praise lends credence to the importance of my services and why I am considered a “pioneer’!

Actually some of the above clients plus others I've
helped, were initially intimidated by the Internet.
Later they were amazed by its pulling power.

To some, the "I" word was scary, overwhelming and a total question mark. 
Remember, this is a "young" medium in its earliest stages. While some marketers ventured into it on their own with predictably poor results, others had never tried it at all

The good news was that soon I was able to demonstrate why I am called The Internet Marketingologist™! Actually, since 1995, it required little time to introduce (even the most non-technical of) these marketers to my own secret methods to produce dramatic, low-cost-per-order productivity (and in some instances, on a non-stop basis). The startling results they experienced made them instant internet converts who vowed from that day forward, this new-"fangled" medium will remain a key tool in their ongoing marketing efforts.

I want to recreate their same fabulous
newfound success for YOU!

Here's my pledge: Without question . . . without doubt . . . without hesitation.

I can turn your company into an internet success story  .

Makes no difference whether you are a long time user of this medium, someone that has tried it unsuccessfully, or someone who for the first time is considering it as part of your marketing "mix".  

How? By revealing the easiest, most effective and least costly methods to "milk" the tremendous potential of this exciting new medium. I can assure you there are nuances, techniques, privately-developed methodology that other consultants do not know. But I do.

I've been marketing online since 1995.

My clients have benefited from this extra dimension, dramatically - particularly, those I've described above. They're now into internet marketing and will continue to use its potent global reach to reap bountiful harvests. AS YOU WILL! I urge you, put your trust in my vast experience and I will lead you there in ways that others have not even contemplated.  

But internet expertise is but ONE reason why my services are so highly regarded. Please "click" on the following pages to learn much more:   

Enthusiastically yours for greater profits and accountability,

Andrew S. Linick, Ph.D. 

The Internet Marketingologist™  

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